July 2024
Nairobi, KE
Data Visualization Features
Data Visualization
Multi-device friendly tool to facilitate insightful visualizations, and facilitate convenient and user-friendly access to 2009 census data. The tool enables technical and non-technical users to look at insights from a country perspective or filter to a county perspective.
User Interface (UI)
User Experience (UX)
User Research
Data Visualization
Graphic Design
Data Cleaning
2 Product Designers
Experience of filtering data in a PDF

Pain Point: Experience of filtering data in a PDF

Magnitude entire dataset

Pain Point: Magnitude entire dataset

Reimagination of how a user will filter data.

Desktop Solution: Reimagination of how a user will filter data.

Reimagination of how a user will filter data.

Mobile Solution: Reimagination of how a user will filter data.

To achieve an intuitive and interactive app, we started with an mvp and worked directly with users to iterate.

My core contributions as a Product Designer were:

  • Site maps
  • Task flows
  • Page flows
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Design System
Envisioning the desktop UI.

Wireframe: Envisioning the desktop UI.


Map feature should be a product of its own to enable extendability into other domains like political reports, consumer surveys, humanitarian reports e.t.c.

Leveraging a frontend javascript framework enabled rapid iteration and modularity this was a game changer.

Future versions would benefit with addition of following features:

  • Search to enable better lookup of data
  • Download of specific regional dataset for further investigation
  • An API to load data, asynchronus fetching of datasets thus facilitate scaleability.
  • Shooting for the moon hear, but a discoverable section with editorial commentary would improve consumption of the report, i.e. integration with media outlet.
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