July 2024
Nairobi, KE
KwanoYot Feature
A personal finance management application to digitise M-Pesa statements. It enables a user to see their money clearly and make empowered financial decisions. A user can conveniently manage their statement files, derive spending insights and deep dive into their transactions from a single interface.
User Interface (UI)
User Experience (UX)
User Research
Design System
Product Designer
Backend Engineer
Data Analyst
Brand Marketer
Re-enactment of PDF experience

Pain Point: Re-enactment of PDF experience

Re-enactment of SMS experience

Pain Point: Re-enactment of SMS experience

Meta Information and Transactions Summary

Liked Concepts: Meta Information and Transactions Summary

To achieve our goal of creating an intuitive app for transaction management and review, we will follow a user-centered design process. This includes initial user research through interviews to understand user needs and pain points, and ideating solutions based on the problem statement

Wireframe + User flows

Wireflows: Wireframe + User flows

My core contributions as a Product Designer were:

  • Site maps
  • User flows
  • User journeys
  • Page flows
  • Wireframes
  • Annotations
  • Prototypes
  • Design system
  • Competitive analysis
Spacing Transaction Meta Information

Annotation: Spacing Transaction Meta Information


In designing an app for a better transaction review expereince for busy professional, I took the lead in user research and usability testing.

The following stood out during the process:

  • File loading UI and experience would have been better with a FAB rather than the clickable area.
  • UI implementations are more finicky than in static design, lots of trade off's to ensure MVP launch.
  • We were new comers in FinTech thus didn't understand comprehensive use cases. e.g. version 1 didn't have user authorization and authentication 😱
  • Technical debt was a pain to navigate, a possible means to manage this is to leverage industry best practices and set aside time for house cleaning.
  • Getting the MVP infront of actual users and having a quick iteration cycle, fast tracked the development of multiple feature like user onboarding, authentication, file management and better summary insights.
  • This app would probaly benefit from a native experience based on the personalized data of a user.
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